Research Areas

Tanzania Association of Environmental Engineers (TAEEs) as a professional NGO has various works that focuses on six key thematic areas:

  1. water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  2. Climate Smart Environment and Energy(CSEE)
  3. Alternative energy sources (AES)
  4. Natural resources and ecosystems (NRE)
  5. Sustainable livelihood support (SLS)
  6. Health and environment (H&E).


TAEEs research programme on WASH seeks to explore and support communities on improved water supply services, raise sanitation profile, improve hygiene practices to required and acceptable standard. In so doing, TAEEs underscore WASH practices in both rural and urban to foster improving its profile. We stress more on exploring public knowledge, practices and committed participation at different levels and platforms


The CSEE program aims to generate and disseminate knowledge and solutions for addressing sustainable climate change, green environment in smart manners through (CSEE) which will support to improve natural environment, management & conservation initiatives, national economies, livelihoods as well as human natural ecosystems in the country as well as across Africa. Further TAEEs’ research agenda on alternative energy seeks to underpin and support community social-economic uplift, low-carbon and climate resilient and adaptation pathways at multiple platforms. TAEEs strives to uncover alternative energy sources as a strategic objective to support lower income earners and uplift struggles against alternative energy potential pathways, low carbon emission and smart green climate (SGC)


TAEEs on NRE programme focuses on key natural resources, with priority attention to integrated water resources (IWR), water and sanitation, land and biodiversity and ecosystems management. TAEEs strives to ensure community engagement in NRE management will foster in contributing to uplift their economies, support livelihood and wellbeing in Tanzania. We strive to work in partnership with international institutions, civil societies including CBOs, policy makers as well as private sectors.


TAEEs work on SLS program aims to support communities on finding alternative but sustainable basis of own economy. To do this sustainably, we engage in capacity building of local communities especially women and youth including local government leaders. The program strives to seek alternative sources of livelihood support to boost their economies while preserving natural environment including land, air and water. We also provide support on capacity building to local government officials on innovative pathways on outcome based interventions

Environmental Health

This program focuses on water, environmental health and climate variations, and aims to raise awareness on the effects of water borne diseases as well as diseases causes by poor environmental management due to human activities: The main purpose of this program is to provide education on the proper use of land, water and natural resources in conjunction with human activities such as agriculture, livestock keeping, renewable energy, and urban planning in order to stimulate access to clean and conducive air to bring better health outcomes in both urban and rural areas in Tanzania. TAEEs also engage to provide capacity building to communities, internal staff, external partners such as local government authorities (LGA), environmental and health practitioners in on better ways of environmental management protection and conservation for provision of safe and clean water.